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Welcome to the NHS Class of 76 Website.  Well the 30th has come and gone.  Sure wish I could have been there!

I'm anxiously awaiting stories and maybe some pictures from the event of a lifetime!  I also hope there was a good turnout, I know of some 'first-timers' in attendance, I hope they will return for the next.

I will promise to make the next one, I already have plans for it.  No matter the reason, nobody can miss the next one as I intend to bring my laptop and hook up a live-feed webcam with a URL known only to class members that I have email addresses for.  Yup, I'm bringing the 35th digital, This could give an opportunity for brief one-on-one or a group "Hello!" to those who can't be in attendance.

The Commons

Come on, if you have stories or memorable events during the reunion, I'm dying to hear them!  Opinions of this reunion?  Pro or Con, we're big guys we can take it.

So, what do y'all think of the Railroader page?  Still have a few more underclass pages left to scan and get online.  From the stats I can see it is fairly popular!

If you know of someone who hasn't heard about the website, please let me know their name and address. We unfortunately have lost contact with a few since 2001 and 2006.
We're still needing address for a few, if you have leads on them please let us know, we would love to have a 100% contact.

NOTE 1: Have you moved since our last reunion? Changed email addresses? To make it a little easier for you to update your address we have for you I have created a small form to use, "Address Update" This form will enable you to effortlessly send in your updated address so you never miss anything!

Senior Guys In case you haven't heard, I'm gathering names and addresses, Email addresses as well, compiling a database.  I will have a list with me, to get updates to addresses and additional ones as well.  Once this year's event is over I will finalize the database and burn it onto CD's in Excel, Access, Word, and Text file formats.  Might even be room for a little something else like our Senior Pictures from the yearbook.  If you would like a copy please let me know.  There is no cost, it's just something I'm wanting to do for the Class of 76.  - Kenny

If you have any personal stories (within good taste) of the class members that have passed away, or any information that can be placed on their personal page please send them to me.  If you have some special memories of our Senior year, I can even start a page for those memories.

For now until I know more, if you know of any additional addresses of class members please forward them on to either myself, or give them these addresses for those that do not have internet access.

Kenny Thomas ( )
173 SE 431st Rd.
Warrensburg, MO  64093-8385

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